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The Jaguar Network/Red Yaguareté is a Nonprofit Foundation founded by naturalists that holds people of all kinds who decided to preserve our nature, with the focus on the fabulous jaguar and its forests.

We are integrated mostly by volunteers from different backgrounds, with varied expertise and we are constantly growing, facing different and new challenges that Jaguar permanently raises.

Our Mission: Save Jaguar from Extinction in Argentina.

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The Emergency Plan for Jaguar Conservation in the Great Argentinean Chaco began.

November 22, 2016|0 Comments

The Emergency Plan for Jaguar Conservation in the Great Argentinean Chaco began. The species is in critical condition in the region: less than 20 specimens would remain. Members of the Chaco Region Sub-Commission [...]

Seasonal use of the upper montane forests by the jaguar in northern Argentina

November 20, 2016|0 Comments

Seasonal use of the upper montane forests by the jaguar in northern Argentina Article published in the specialized magazine Cat News. Lodeiro Ocampo, N.; Nigro, N. A. & Falke, F. [...]

Yaguareté was seen in Calilegua.

April 4, 2016|0 Comments

Jaguar was seen in Calilegua. It was photographed and filmed at Mesada de las Colmenas by a Park Ranger. Calilegua. April 4th 2016. In what is a very rare indeed, a Yaguareté was seen [...]

$300 thousand pesos fine for trying to sell a carona with Yaguareté skin

April 2, 2016|0 Comments

$300 Mil pesos de multa por intentar comercializar una carona con piel de Yaguareté Otro duro golpe a los que COMERCIALIZAN pieles de Yaguareté. Abril de 2016. La empresa Nueva España srl fue [...]

The Jaguar, image of the new bills of $ 500 in Argentina.

March 7, 2016|0 Comments

The Jaguar, image of the new bills of $ 500 in Argentina In what we consider an excellent initiative, the Argentina Central Bank reported that from mid-2016 will go into circulation bills of higher [...]

Request reports on genetic studies of captive jaguars in Argentina

March 7, 2016|0 Comments

Solicitamos informes sobre los estudios genéticos de los Yaguaretés cautivos en Argentina En 2013 la Red Yaguareté presentó a la Dirección de Fauna Silvestre de la Nación una propuesta para desarrollar un [...]

What we do

Coexistence with people

The conflicts that are generated when the Jaguar attacks domestic animals is probably one of the main causes of his death today.


Population Monitoring

In order to better protect our last jaguars is necessary to know as much about them. How many are in each region and how they behave is vital information.


Zero Hunt and trade

Being hunted is one of the biggest threats facing the jaguar today. We aim to end the killing and illegal trade in jaguars in Argentina.


Road Kill Mitigation

Hundreds of animals are run over each month. The increase in tourism and the automotive fleet have contributed, but speeding is the main cause.

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  • Nada que agregar...
Nothing to add...
Magnificent @bertiegregory
  • Sixto, imponente macho del norte de Salta, nuevamente retratado por una de nuestras cámaras trampa en el corazón del Parque Nacional Baritú.
Sixto, imposing male from the north of Salta province, again portrayed by one of our cameras, in the heart of Baritú National Park.
#sixto #yaguareté #jaguar #pantheraonca #argentina #salta #baritu #parquesnacionales #redyaguarete
  • La noche en La Fidelidad, es de los cazadores.
The night in La Fidelidad, is of the hunters.
#fidelidad #chaco #tityus
  • Se vienen muchos eventos y necesitamos muchas voluntarias y voluntarios en Buenos Aires, ¿Los requisitos? Ganas y compromiso. Si vos sos así escribinos a voluntarios@redyaguarete.org.ar y postulate contandonos sobre vos, porqué querés integrarte a la Red y tu disponibidad de tiempo. ¡Dale!
  • Excelente dibujo de Mombyry por José María Muñoz enmarcado artesanalmente.
  • Rastreando #Yaguaretés en tierras del Ejército Argentino.
Tracking #Jaguars on Argentine Army lands.
#Yaguarete #Jaguar #Monitoreo #Tracking #Iguazu
  • Majestuoso #Mombyry, el Último Yaguareté hacia el sur de las Sierras Centrales de Misiones, habitante del Parque Provincial Valle del Cuñá Pirú hace al menos ya tres años. Su supervivencia en esta zona rodeada de campos ganaderos y plantaciones agroindustriales es la prueba viviente de que la CONVIVENCIA YAGUARETÉS Y PERSONAS es posible.
#yaguarete #pantheraonca #jaguar #misiones #mombyry #cuñapiru #convivencia
  • ¡Feliz 2017 para todos, muchas gracias por ser parte de la @RedYaguarete!
Happy 2017 for everyone, thank you very much for being part of the Jaguar Network / Red Yaguareté!


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